What Penis Size Is Normal

It is almost impossible to grow up with an accurate idea of penis size. In many cultures, penis size is a mark of masculinity and prowess. It is very common to praise men for large penises, and it is also common to ridicule men for the perception that they might have smaller penises.

Add to that the fact that there are many men only ever see their own penis and the penises in pornography, and you have an area that is rife with misinformation and problematic beliefs. There are many men who are concerned about the size of their penises and also many men who have developed fears and phobias about their size and how others will perceive them.

Starting With the Average
In the first place, Web MD states flatly that the average penis is between five and six inches in length when it is erect. That means that the vast majority of men in the world do not have penises like the ones seen in porn, where advertisements boast about people who only desire penises that are eight or ten inches long. Remember that people who perform in pornography are typically physically exceptional, rather than being the norm! On top of that, it is a little know fact that a normal penis when flaccid, is only between two and three inches long, and that is when it is stretched out. An un-stretched penis might be only one and a half inches long.

Erroneous Reporting
Most doctors have plenty of stories about men who are concerned with their penises. These men often believe that their penises are small enough that they need surgical correction, but when it was examined, these men were often discovered to be average in length and girth. Doctors will often point to the fact that sex education, as well as a thorough understanding of what the real size of a penis is, can often alleviate these fears.

Getting Comfortable
According a recent study, about 85% of heterosexual women have no problem with the size of their partners’ genitals. Instead, things like be comfortable, being adventurous and being considerate are much higher on the list of being a competent lover. The truth of the matter is that advertisements that seek to wear down your self-esteem are creating a problem and then trying to solve it for you. Every day, men are barraged with images telling them that there is a standard out there and that they are not meeting it. These messages are insidious, and in many cases, they can be incredibly detrimental to your ability to be comfortable with your body and to enjoy sexual activity.

Talking With Professionals
Sometimes, if you are feeling nervous or unsure about your own penis, it helps to talk to a professional. As mentioned above, these are issues that doctors of all sorts are used to confronting. If you are feeling concerned or apprehensive about your penis for any reason, bring up your concerns with your doctor. Do not believe that your doctor has never heard such questions before or that he or she will treat you any differently. Sometimes, you do need the help of a trusted medical professional to aid in your understanding of what your body is all about. If this nervousness is actually affecting your ability to be comfortable with yourself and your sexuality, it is important to consider therapy and counseling.

If you are someone who is worried about the size of their penis, remember that you are not alone. Not only are there many other people suffering from the same issue, you’ll also find that there are actually many things that can help!