My name is Mike and I have a confession to make: I used to be so obsessed with my size “down there” that I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours worrying about it.

I knew early on — when I was a freshman in high school – that there was a good chance I was smaller than average “down there.” It didn’t take much research in the school locker room (just a glance here and there) to see that I might not measure up to what the average guy was toting around.

At first, I didn’t worry too much. In high school, we are told we are all in different stages of growing into adults and that some kids “mature” earlier than others.

But by college, things didn’t look a whole hell of a lot different down there and so I started to wonder. It really didn’t affect my dating life.

I never once had a woman make a derogatory comment. And any relationship that soured in college had clear-cut other reasons why we weren’t a good fit that had nothing to do with my size “down there.”

It was only later on, when I first met a woman I thought might be around for the long haul, that my size became a problem.

And it wasn’t a problem with her. It was all me. It was all in my head and how, knowing that this amazing woman had been with other men, I worried I wouldn’t measure up – in more ways than one.

I don’t think it affected our relationship at first. Our chemistry was so smoking hot that we could barely leave each other alone. During that honeymoon period, I don’t think I thought or worried about my size “down there” even once.

It was only once we’d been dating for a while that I started to feel a bit insecure. If she wasn’t in the mood one night, I would automatically assume it was because of my size “down there” not being adequate enough to satisfy her.

I’m embarrassed to say I even started becoming suspicious, wondering if she was cheating on me. When she went out for drinks with the people from work, I sat home wondering if the men she was with were better endowed than me.

I spent my nights researching how to make myself larger “down there.”

In fact, I was so jealous, so uncomfortable with my size, and spent so much time trying to figure out just how to change my size that I ended up losing the company of a funny, caring, and beautiful woman who actually already liked me just the way I was.

What she didn’t like was my insecurity. Instead of enjoying myself with her and acting confident and sexy, I was constantly questioning my performance and myself. That wasn’t what did us in though. What really put the nail in the coffin was when I began to doubt that she was telling me the truth about being satisfied.

She told me the combination of my jealousy, insecurity about my size, along with me not believing I could satisfy her was a major turn off. She left me and never looked back.

Of course, the first thing I blamed it on the same thing I’d been blaming everything else on my life that went wrong: my size “down there.”

But then I realized that instead of sitting around like a victim and complaining, I could actually do something to change my life. It would take a bit of time and energy, but I knew it would be worth it in the long run.

I am now happy to report that I am completely, one hundred percent satisfied and happy with my size “down there.” As a result, I’ve started dating a new girl. A beautiful, intelligent woman who I think might be “the one.”

I only wish I could have reached this point sooner.