Does Penis Size Really Affect Male Confidence?

Popular myth tells us that men with average or above average penis length stride manfully into every place they tread, full of swagger and confidence. And the myth goes on to imply that men who have a smaller member tend to lack confidence and resort to other methods to prove their perceived lack of machismo. Now I haven’t done a lot of what can really be called scientific research on this one, but I have talked to a lot of my peers about this issue, and I can say that from my experience, the size of one part of your anatomy does not have all that much to do with your relative level of personal confidence.

I have had discussions with friends of mine who each identified as having a small penis. Some of them are in stable, long-term relationships while others are still among the dating pool. When you get right down to it, this is a lot like the Napoleon Complex, a medical condition applied to short men who overcompensate other attributes to deflect from their lack of height. This can take many forms, from purchasing expensive and powerful automobiles, placing themselves in positions of authority like police officers, or engaging in other “manly” activities to show that they are indeed masculine and confident. But the ruse is generally one that is seen through and has the opposite effect, displaying a distinct lack in personal confidence. Penis length can be the same thing. A man of average height with a smaller penis size might engage in some of the same activities to deflect attention from their pants. But this behavior is not typical; it just tends to get the most attention.

It all boils down to bedroom performance. It is assumed that a smaller penis will not be able to satisfy a partner as well as a larger one. This is most assuredly not the case. In conversations with the women who have been with those men of small penis size, I have been told, at times in vivid detail, about the different ways that having a smaller member can be an advantage. Some men take that fact and decide that because their penis is small, they will make up for that fact with additional attention paid with other parts of the body, while others simply find creative ways to engage their partner with what tools they were provided. Those men also tell me that it makes broaching more sensitive areas a conversation that is not immediately discounted, and while not every partner consents to such activity, it is considered before decided upon. The dreaded reaction of having a woman “point at it and laugh” has never been reported to me, and while I doubt that it is a reaction that has never taken place, I simply do not believe that it is one that is anywhere near a commonplace occurrence.  Certainly not worth trying to solve the problem by looking into Big Dick Pills or other crazy ideas.

When one works at a summer camp, you can find out a lot of things about those that you live with. Close quarters and a lot of spare time at night can lead to rather interesting discussions. I happened to live with a tall, gangly gent one summer and I can assure you that he was quite well endowed. There’s just not a lot of room to change clothes in a tent folks. And while he had what I would call a typical level of confidence, he did tell me that his experiences in the bedroom were not what most men would think. His experience was that upon viewing, many women were intimidated by him, and refused to engage in intercourse specifically because of the size. This is not a problem I have ever heard from those with average or smaller sized members. While they may have felt inadequacies, they were never turned away from a sexual encounter specifically because of the size of their penis. Having that kind of shunning from a potential sexual partner can have quite damaging results in future encounters and definitely hinders confidence where it can matter the most.
Distribution of penis length in inches.

Distribution of penis length in inches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To sum up: while having a smaller than average member is not a sure-fire route to self-esteem issues, it can play a role, and having a larger than average penis is not going to magically help you in the realm of confidence, and can even be a hindrance. Like many things in life, there is not one magical issue that determines how we look at ourselves and achieve our level of personal confidence. Penis size certainly can play a role, but it is far more overstated than the actual reality. Personal confidence comes from many different aspects of who we are as individuals. The individual size of our penis has very little to do with confidence in our daily lives. In the bedroom may be a different issue, but walking down the street, a man with a small one may have a spring in his step, a man with a big one may be timid and shy. It just doesn’t make all that much difference in your daily life.