Do Women Care About The Size Of A Man’s Penis?

Woman Giving Two Thumbs Up

Bigger. Better. Longer. Stronger.

Even the most confident, successful, good looking man sometimes experiences just a sliver of doubt and insecurity when it comes to this particular area.

For many men, losing their hair doesn’t matter. Having a little extra spare tire around the waist could mean less. Driving a beat-up car? Big deal. But having a small penis is their Achilles heel.

Worrying about the size of his penis can bring a grown man to his knees and will even get some men to consider some form of enhancement to solve their concerns.

The question ultimately becomes whether women really care about a man’s penis size or whether it’s all in a man’s head.

The first important fact to point out is that most women truly could care less what a man’s member looks like when it is flaccid.

Remember that movie, “Friends With Kids” when the main character claims, “I’m a grower, not a shower.” That is a rare situation. Men are rarely hopping into bed with brand new women when they don’t already have an erection.

Most of the time when a woman sees a man’s penis, it is when he is already aroused. If she sees him prancing around naked without an erection, it is because they are already in a relationship and have already done the deed.

So, men need to quit worrying about what size their member is when it is not erect.

The next thing men need to do is get a healthy dose of perspective. If you don’t’ want to seem like a pervert, you can do this without checking out every other guy’s member in the locker room or bathroom. Instead, go online.

The length of an average penis is about five inches long. Interestingly enough, many men don’t think their erect penis is even that long because of a slight distortion in perception when they look down at themselves.

Most women have a different view.

Of course when men hear this figure, they automatically think that if their erect penis is less than five inches long that they are considered small and inadequate, but it is important to keep in mind just what average means: Average means that if the average length of a man’s erect penis is five inches, half of all men measure somewhat longer and half of all men measure somewhat shorter.

Another issue that men worry about is the circumference of their penis. Men worry that their member is not wide enough or doesn’t have enough girth.

Two things should be kept in mind again when trying to decide whether or not penis size really matters to women: different strokes for different folks.

Some women claim that they love men with super long penises, but the reality is that most women don’t have deep enough vagina’s naturally to even notice if a man is super long or just of average length. Very few women have room inside for that to even be apparent. In fact, it might be fair to say that some women don’t want to have sex with men with unnaturally long penises because they end up getting poked in the cervix, which is painful or in other internal areas that weren’t meant for prodding and poking.

The same rule of thumb holds true for girth and circumference. Many women find having sex with a man who has a too wide penis to be uncomfortable. In fact, some women say if it is too big, they will avoid sex altogether because they fear loss of pleasure and possibly even pain.

Men who worry, should keep this in mind. Just like everybody has a different taste in describing what their dream woman would be like, most women probably have different taste in describing what their dream penis would be like.

Men need to learn to own what they have. If they have someone who cares about them tell them honestly that they can’t feel pleasure because the man’s penis is too small, then ways to enhance sex should be discussed and examined.

The truth is that worries about penis size are actually projection and misplaced concerns.

In reality, a man who is confident and has studied how to be a good lover, knows he has a lot to offer a woman is not going to stress out about his penis size. He’s going to know that he’s sexy regardless of maybe being a little short in the penis department and that because he’s so good in bed, he will drive women crazy anyway and they will keep coming back for more. In fact, they will turn to him time and again, choosing him over the guy with the huge penis.