The 3 Most Common Risks of Male Enhancement

Male enhancement consists of using techniques that claim to increase hardness, girth or length of the penis. Penis enlargement is another term for the technique. There are different ways to increase size, such as surgery, pills, cosmetic techniques, pumps or medication. Some guys may want to take a more natural approach by doing exercises, using devices, supplements or losing weight.

However, there are risks to consider as we will discuss below.

Jelqing is an exercise for increasing girth or length or a combination of the two. The exercise is also known as milking. It consists of forcing blood through the penis, which increases the internal pressure. Like many any common exercise, almost all may cause controlled micro-tears to the structure of the penis. Most of the damage is repaired overnight, taking breaks or not overworking it can prevent damage.

The exercise consists of making an OK symbol with your thumb and forefinger. Men who form the exercise want to encircle the penis with an OK grip. The grip must be pulled forward toward the glands, which restricts the blood flow.

The hand has to reach the glans and the same motion is applied with the other hand. This method is repeatedly applied using a repetitive milking motion. Each stroke should not be hold longer than three seconds. At the end of a Jelqing session, it should be followed up with a warm wrap. A warm wrap relaxes the tissues and decreases the chances of injury.

Jelqing provide results for some men, but users also have to consider the risks. Large purple or red spots on the outside of the penis are signs of damage to the vein walls. People who practice the technique should take a couple of days of after seeing bruising. Other risks involve stretch marks, over stretching the skin at the shaft, temporary shrinkage and bruising.

Penis pumps have a variety of uses, such as enlargement, erectile dysfunction and improving diabetes. The devices do not require surgery, penile injections or using medication. Men may get the best results from using penis pumps with a combination of methods.

They are safe for most men, but should avoid when dealing with certain health problems. People who take blood thinning medications are at risk for increased bleeding. Penis pumps are not safe for people with sickle cell or any other blood disorder because of making the user susceptible to bleeding or blood clots.

Men should understand the side effects of using penis pumps, such as a feeling of trapped semen, bruising, pain, numbness, bluish-colored skin and small red dots on the penis. There are also drawbacks when using pumps. They can vary depending on the individual. Drawbacks consist of awkwardness, erections that do not feel natural, manual coordination or need to shave before use.

Most supplements do not increase penis size and users have to consider the risks. Some consumers think that supplements with natural ingredients means no risks. However, users can still experience side effects from natural supplements. It is important to check the ingredients because of being allergic to the ingredients. Many penis enlargement drugs are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. There are good reasons why they are not approved by the FDA, such as chemical compounds used in them. Growth ointments are another supplement that men use for results. Some ointments contain contaminants or may act negatively to the skin.

Many men want to enlarge their penis for different reasons. Some people want to attract the women or get dates. Others want to satisfy their partner or spouse. Health problems can also cause shrinkage or erection problems. Size is very important in society and may cause some men to experience low self-esteem.

If you are thinking about a certain method to increase size, then it helps to consider the risks. Risks tend to vary depending on the treatment or individual.

Men should take a natural approach before doing anything drastic like having surgery.

Increasing size is an important decision. Men have to decide to take a drastic approach or a more natural approach. There are different ways to enhance the penis and men can benefit from talking to their physician. Your physician can help with deciding on the best treatment and explain the risks.