Penis Growth Tips

Easy, Safe, Effective.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting a bigger penis, the below tips will provide you with easy, safe, and effective ways for penis growth. As a big penis is so widely desired by men today, there are numerous methods available. However, when trying to find ways to make your penis bigger, it’s important to be sure the methods are safe.

Through Hormones:
One of the most hassle free ways to increase your penis size is by maximizing your hormones that lead to penis growth. For example, there are topical gels, such as Andractim that contain Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for nearly all male sexual functions, especially the growth of the penis. For maximum effects, DHT should be applied to the androgen receptors of the penis. Andractim is known for its good results; in fact, many doctors actually prescribe it to patients suffering from micro penis.

Penis Extenders:
Combined with DHT, penis extenders can get the job done if you want to increase the length of your penis. Although it may sound sketchy, penis extenders simply use the medically proven method of traction to make the penis longer. In addition to length, girth will also increase when you use a penis extender. When looking for a penis extender, be sure to choose ones that are professionally designed and marketed.

Penis Exercises:
Physical exercises are available for penis growth. All you have to do is use your hands to manipulate the tissues of your penis. There numerous exercises designed to assist in making the penis longer through lengthening the ligaments of the penis, increase blood flow to the penis, and expand the tunica. Again, if you’re looking for maximum results, it’s best to consider using DHT in addition to the below exercises.

  • Penis Squeeze:

This exercise is especially helpful if you’re looking to increase the girth size of your penis.

Jelq exercises can help in increasing both the length and girth of your penis.

  • Penis Stretch:

This exercise is true to its name as it helps lengthen the ligaments of your penis in addition to assisting in stretching your tunica.

  • Kegal Exercise:

Kegal exercises are beneficial as they exercise the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, which in turn will increase the blood flow to your penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills:
Depending on what you’re looking for, penis enlargement pills could be beneficial for you. In most cases, enlargement pills can assist more in having harder erections and an increased sex drive than a gain in size. However, some individuals have seen a small increase in size from penis enlargement pills.

English: statue that looks like penis

English: statue that looks like penis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weight Hanging:
Perhaps one of the most risky methods, weight hanging involves attaching a weight to your penis. Progressively, you will have to increase the amount of weight hanging from your penis in order to maintain results. Unfortunately, this method is risky as when using heavier weights you run the risk of potentially cutting off blood flow to the head of your penis.

Penis Pumps:
If you are looking for a temporary increase in penis size, a penis pump may be the way to go. Vacuum like pressure effectively sucks blood into the penis providing a short term increase in size. When using this method, extreme caution should be used. Typically, the larger penis size will last a matter of hours.
top rated programHealthy Penis First; Enlargement Second:
Before you will see any increase in size of your penis, your penis first must be healthy. If you aren’t having healthy erections, try taking supplements that will increase hormones such as testosterone before trying anything else. Furthermore, do not become discouraged if you don’t see an increase in size immediately! When trying to achieve penis growth, consistency is key.

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