Overview Of The Various Penis Enlargement Methods

Men can choose from supplements which help increase the blood flow, manual exercises, surgeries and mechanisms. The added side effect of using these therapies is that men are said to gain better stamina, stronger erections, and more explosive orgasms. Several techniques can also be worked into sexual encounters to make the experience even more enjoyable.There are a number of men who suffer with an underlying problem concerning the circulation to the penis this simple fact leads to several issues with size and performance.

When taking oral supplements, the ingredients focus on increasing circulation and boosting testosterone levels. They typically have vasodilator properties, this is important because the more blood that is within the penis, the more engorged it becomes. Some of the most common herbs for penis enlargement are Muira Pauma, Catuaba bark, Epimedium, Tibulus terrestris, and Ginko biloba.

In addition to herbs, there are several exercises and mechanisms that are routinely used to create penis enlargement. The principle behind these methods is to slowly stretch out the existing tissue, forcing the body to develop new cells to fill in the space created. The growth is at a cellular level, which means results take a very long time to produce. There is a strong word of caution because when these techniques are used, the nerves are also stretched, which if done too much can result in permanent damage.

Jelqing is a well known practice. This exercise requires the man to begin at the base of the penis and make one slow and gentle stroke down the shaft to the ridge of the head. Only the thumb and forefinger should be used, and hands should be switched. A beginning repetition of 100 is recommended with a goal of 500. It is important not to perform the Jelq technique with an erection.

An exercise that is very difficult to master requires the man to prevent ejaculation. This can be very unfulfilling and makes it harder to keep compliant with the regime. The exercise consists of obtaining an erection and as the man feels the need to ejaculate, stop stimulation and clamp the tip of the penis. This should be performed several times in a row.

Many men are uncomfortable with the size of their penis, whether it is the length girth, or both. The good news is that there are a number of ways to promote penis enlargement that don’t always require taking medicine.  A good example of this can be found inside the PE Bible.

Men will often use external tools to aid in achieving the desired penis enlargement. The oldest technique has been around for centuries. This used small weights were attached to either end of a tether, the cord would then be secured just behind the ridge of the head and left to dangle.

Another item used is a penis ring, which is used in sexual play. This ring is actually a form of cloth with a buckle or Velcro closure which is used to limit the circulation, causing the penis to become more engorged and stretch the tissues of the organ. The ring can be placed at the base of the penis, or around the penis and scrotum.

The penis pump has been used as a sex toy and a prescription erection aid, after being used regularly many men discovered the side effects in both length and girth. This device is a tube attached to a hose leading to a hand pump.

On the open end used to insert the organ into it, there is a vacuum seal. The hand pump is then used to slowly pull air from the chamber causing the blood to be pulled into the penis.

A mechanism that is often used by surgeons following a penis surgery has a similar appearance to a cradle. This is a simple design of two adjustable arms and two straps used to hold the penis in place. One strap is located at the base of the penis, the second is just below the ridge of the penis on the shaft, holding it in place while the tension is administered by the arms.

Always use caution when attempting penis enlargement.

It’s no secret that most men want to get bigger, harder, and more sensitive particularly if they are experiencing let downs and disappointing scenarios with women.

Men who are experiencing issues with longevity or size or even arousal, should know that there are answers that don’t involve taking a chemical concoction requiring a prescription. Here are five facts men need to know about natural male enhancement.

1. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that can temporarily affect the size of a man’s penis. It’s real, but not really related to enhancing a guys penis naturally. It exists and it can be dealt with as it is only temporary. Half the battle is identifying the problem.

A lot of times men who experience issues in the sack, allow themselves to get stressed, embarrassed, and ashamed. Too often, men blame themselves for a medical condition that is completely out of their control.

Knowing that the condition is physical and not mental or emotional can help men take the first step to rectifying the problem. Awareness and knowledge is the key to overcoming issues with size, longevity, and stamina.

2. Anything that helps the body increase blood flowand improve circulation can help a man experiencing problems during intimacy.

When the blood flow increases and circulation is maximized, that means the blood necessary for a man to reach his full size is more easily available. Without good blood flow and circulation, it is going to be difficult to channel that fluid into a penis. With the proper amount of fluid, a penis is going to be more sensitive and an erection is going to last longer.

3. There is often a specific cause of erectile dysfunction and other problems that crop up in a man’s sex life that can be easily remedied.

For instance, two simple triggers that lead to problems include high stress and even depression. Men who are depressed or highly stressed should try to eliminate that from their lives.

In addition, sleep deprivation, prescription medication, and drug and alcohol abuse might be the underlying cause of problems in the bedroom.

Any man who is experiencing issues in the bedroom would be well advised to rule out the four above causes. In addition, there are underlying medical conditions that trigger problems related to male enhancement, so that should be considered as well.

4. Supplements that help increase blood flow to the penis can lead to greater arousal, longer length, and increased longevity of an erection. This is science. It’s not some voodoo promise that won’t hold water.

The area where skepticism is needed is in choosing what supplements to take to help increase blood flow. There are no guarantees, as many supplements are unregulated by the Food & Drug Administration, but some people are having good results.

5. There is no research proving that methods such as stretching devices, penis pumps, manual exercises, or even medical procedures will permanently lead to greater male enhancement. In fact, some procedures are risky and have led to even more problems in the bedroom and even scarring and loss of feeling in the penis and even loss of the ability to have sex.

There is actually a surgery men can have to increase the length of a flaccid penis very slightly. The costs, the high risks, and the incidence of complications usually make this a less popular option for the majority of men.

Pumps and rings can lead to temporary help with penis issues, but ultimately do not make a long-term difference.