Penis Enlargement Facts

The topic of penis enlargement is nearly impossible to escape, but there are very few clear answers.

Magazines, commercials, radio shows, and the internet of full of ads and advice that contradict each other. Pills, pumps, and more promise to increase the length and girth of the penis. Even surgical procedures are becoming more popular. But do any of these methods actually work?

There is very little scientific evidence that shows the benefits outweigh the risks of certain methods. Without a reputable medical organization endorsing a specific route that is specifically for cosmetic purposes, faith depends on word of mouth. So let’s break down the various types that are out there today.

There are many types of pills on the market that promise to enlarge the penis when taken regularly. The combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in these pills are actually working to increase the flow of blood which will give the appearance of a larger and harder penis during an erection. This is not a permanent solution to a larger flaccid penis, but does work for those who are satisfied with a temporary fix.

However, be cautions of the pills that contain hormones. When taken for extended periods of time, these can actually cause permanent damage to the penis and can interfere with the natural production of hormones.
top rated programIn the best case scenario, hormone pills provide a temporary solution,but in the worst case scenario, they can actually cause the penis to shrink when discontinuing the pills.

The rules with penis enlarging lotions usually follow along the same lines as the pills. The natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals may provide a temporary solution. However, the lotions are generally less effective because they are not targeting the blood vessels as directly.


Using a vacuum pump for penis enlargement must be done carefully. Basically, a cylinder is placed over the penis, and a hand pump is used to increase the pressure inside the cylinder. This draws blood into the penis causing it to swell. They are most often used by those who experience erectile dysfunction, but can be used to increase the size of the penis. However, after the pump is removed, the penis will return to its natural size within a couple of minutes.

If the vacuum pump is over-pumped, it has the potential to stretch the elastic tissue of the penis past maximum capability. These tissues will not snap back to their normal shape, and the result is less firm erections in the future.

Penis exercises are sometimes known as jelqing. A hand-over-hand motion pushes blood from the base of the penis to the head when it is semi-erect. When performed occasionally, it can slightly lengthen the penis, but should not be done daily. Scar formation, pain, and disfigurement can occur, although this is extremely rare. Most men will cease the action once it starts to become painful. Even if exercises do not contribute to penis enlargement, it can increase stamina.


Little research has been done on stretching the penis with weights, but it has been effective by many men who have attempted it. Attaching a specialized stretcher or extending device to the penis exerts traction that can increase the length of the penis one half to one full inch. This is a permanent solution, but can take several months of discomfort before the results are noticeable. While it is believed to be a safe form of enhancement, it is recommended that users consult their doctor before beginning the regiment.

The least common and least studied penis enlargement method is cosmetic surgery. In this day of modern technology, plastic surgeons can actually insert an artificial piece into the shaft of the penis to add about half an inch in length. This is a permanent solution, but there are several negative qualities. First, the section with the implant will not have the same sensitivity as the rest of the penis. Second, the man must remain sexually inactive for many months after the procedure to allow for proper healing. Finally, the potential side effects are extreme and relatively common because so little is known about this method.

When all is said and done, it is safer to look for a temporary solution to penis enlargement. It is better to forgo that extra half an inch than risk destroying it attempting to find a permanent solution.

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